The pure mission of the 911 Responders Remembered Park, Inc. Board is to build a park that will honor and recognize the heroes who have died, and continue to die since September 11th. The many monuments, memorials and other parks that recognize the heroes who died on September 11th have a clear mission as well. While we respect the rectitude of all who proudly ran toward the flames on September 11th, our unique and one-of-a-kind wall will only list the heroes we’ve described herein because we do believe they too need individual recognition.

Please review our page about our Wall Criteria.

Names of those on Wall at 9/11 Responders Remembered Park

LT Victor Navarra FDNY

DET Traci L Tack NYPD

EMS Ryan S McCormick UMDNJ

LT Mark McKay FDNY

Sheriff Fredrick Stuck NYC

PO Charles D Cole Jr. NCPD

AM Elmis A Fisher NYPD

DC William Guido FDNY

DET John F Kristoffersen NYPD

DET Corey J Diaz NYPD

PO James J Godbee NYPD

DET. Robert W Williamson NYPD

FF Brian C Malloy FDNY

FF Carl Capobianco FDNY

FF Anthony J Nuccio FDNY

FF Sean M McCarthy FDNY

FF Bruce M Foss FDNY

FF Kevin M Delano Sr. FDNY

SGT Robert J Alexander National Guard

Mark Gajewski LOCAL 30

PO Vito S Mauro NYPD

FF Robert W Dillon FDNY

FF Vanclive A Johnson FDNY

FF William R St. George FDNY

FF Edward V Tietjen FDNY

FF Walter Voight FDNY

FF William R O’Connor FDNY

BC Kevin R Byrnes FDNY

FF Stephen M Johnson FDNY

FF Joseph P Costello FDNY

BC John J Vaughan FDNY

FF Robert A Ford FDNY

LT Harry Wanamaker Jr. FDNY

SGT Alex W Baez NYPD

SGT Claire T Hanrahan NYPD

DET William J Holfester NYPD

FF Walter Torres FDNY

LT Steven Cioffi NYPD

PO Christopher Lamendola NYSCO

VFF Danny Levy Plainview

FF Kevin McLoughlin FDNY

FF Virginia Spinelli FDNY

Jevon Thomas Sanitation

DET John T Young NYPD

DET Roberto L Rivera NYPD

PO Patrice M Ott NYPD

DET Sandra Y Adrian NYPD

LT Carlos J Occasion NYPD

PO Edward M Ferraro NYPD

FF Roy W Chelsen FDNY

FF John F O’Neill FDNY

DET Michael P Morales NYPD

FF William E Moreau FDNY

LT John P Murray FDNY

LT Vincent J Tancredi II FDNY

SGT Harold J Smith NYPD

Joseph F Picurro Ironworker

Gregory C Quibel US Marshall

PO Thomas G Brophy NYPD

FF Vincent J Albanese FDNY

INSP Donald G Feser NYPD

PO Robert A Zane NYPD

PO Robert C Grossman NYPD

SGT Michael W Ryan NYPD

FF Martin C Simmons FDNY

DET Bruce J Viania PAPD

FF Russell C Brinkworth FDNY

FF Richard A Manetta FDNY

LT Peter J Farrenkopf FDNY

EMTP Carene A Brown FDNY

LT Gerald D Rex NYPD

PO Gary G Mausberg NYPD

PO Christopher McMurry NYPD

Mark Debiase  AT&T

VOL Sister Mary Mahoney

EMTP Daniel E Stewart FDNY

CO Robert Schor NYC DOC

CAPT Emilio Mary Longo FDNY

LT Robert J Stegmeier FDNY

SGT Garret Danza NYPD

PO Louise M Johnston NYPD

PO Angelo Peluso NYPD

DET Kevin G Hawkins NYPD

PO Madeline Carlo NYPD

PO Daniel C Conroy NYPD

CAPT Edward C Gilpin NYPD

LT Robert M Hess FDNY

DET Joseph Seabrook NYPD

LT Randy J Wiebicke FDNY

FF Michael Sofia FDNY

FF Michael J Shagi FDNY

FF Jacques W Paultre FDNY

DET James Zadroga NYPD

FP Brian P McCauley NYS Fire Patrol

PO Cesar Borja NYPD

EMT Timothy Keller FDNY

Thomas E McCaffrey FDNY

EMS Rudy P Didomenico HHC

Philip P Rooney NYC DOT

PO Robert B Helmke NYPD

CAPT Barry Galfano NYPD

LT Thomas G Roberts FDNY

CAPT Kevin J Cassidy FDNY

FF Joan R Daley FDNY

PO Frank M Bolusi NYPD

PO David Mahmoud NYPD

INSP Richard D Winter NYPD

INSP George Allen OSHA

FF Gerard Arrington FDNY

FM Tom Driscoll FDNY

VOL Haydee Cleary Salvation Army

FF Raymond Ragucci FDNY

CAPT Sheldon Barocas FDNY

LT Andrew Borgese FDNY

PO Renee Dunbar NYPD

LT Brian S Mohamed NYPD

SUPV Philip J Berger FDNY

PO Robert Nicosia NYPD

DET John E Goggin NYPD

PO Ronald E Weintraub NYPD

FF James J Ryan FDNY

EMT Freddie Rosario FDNY

PO Richard Jakubowsky NYPD

FF Robert J Wieber FDNY

EMS LT Brian Ellicott FDNY

FF Deborah Reeve FDNY

LT Richard M Burke FDNY

LT Joseph P Colleluori FDNY

FM William Wilson Jr. FDNY

PO Robert V Oswain NYPD

LT Jacqueline McCarthy NYPD

FM Steven C Mosiello FDNY

DET Kevin Czartorysky NYPD

SGT Charles J Clark NYPD

FF John P Sullivan Jr. FDNY

LT Renaldo Natal FDNY

FF Raymond W Hauber FDNY

LT Thomas J Hodges FDNY

EMTP Clyde F Sealey FDNY

FF Timothy G Lockwood FDNY

FF Edward F Reilly Jr. FDNY

LT John A Garcia FDNY

PO George M Wong NYPD

SGT Edward D Thompson FDNY

LT Martin Fullman FDNY

PO Robert Ehmer NYPD

FF Robert Borcherding FDNY

CAPT William Butler FDNY

INV Steven J Kapczak NYC DOC

DC James Ellison OEM

EMS Ronald Coyne FDNY

PO Dennis Chrostowski NYPD

PO Nicholas Finelli NYPD

DET Charles Wassil PPD

PO Richard Wentz NYPD

EMS Rudolph T Havelka FDNY

VOL. Christopher Longley

CAPT Allen Bickauskas NYCWW

Dawn Stewart Red Cross

FF Matthew McDougal FDNY

CAPT Michael Murdoch NYPD

CAPT Peter P. Casey FDNY

FF Charles L Jones FDNY

DET Craig Capolino NYPD

VOL. Adan Gonzales

VOL Maureen Mooney

PO Martin Tom NYPD

PO Frank Macri NYPD

EMTP Irene Gremmert Newburgh VAC

PO John Mateer NYPD

PO Edwin Ortiz NYPD

FF Jim Ellson FDNY

Op Engineer Jeffrey Trueman

Bill Massciovecchio Verizon/CWA

EMTP Doug Mulholland FDNY

DET Gregg Abbate NYPD

PO Michael Felice NYPD

PO John Gagliano NYPD

BC Robert Agostini Union City FD

PO Deon L. Taylor NYPD

FF Andrew D. Dal Cortivo FDNY

VOL Robert Busch

EMT Francis A. Charles FDNY

EMTP John W. Wyatt FDNY

BC John K. Corcoran FDNY

PO Steve Tursellino NYPD

Michael McGrath DOT

DET Steve Hom NYPD

DET Joseph Cavitolo NYPD

EMT Luis De Pena FDNY

FF Adolfo Otano FDNY

PO Kevin Lowney NYPD

CAPT Sheldon Moskowitz Massapequa VFD

James Kelly MTA

Auto Mechanic Michael Henry NYPD

CAPT Dan Armenta San Francisco FD

PO James Burke NYPD

EMS LT Michael Cavanagh FDNY

DR. Wally Jewell Red Cross

SGT Vincent Joseph Oliva PAPD

PO Edward Stewart NYPD

DC John Hough SCPD

FF Medic Lou Angeli Deleware

Forensic Dentist Sheila Dashkow

LT John Benintendo NYPD

PO Cheryl Johnson NYPD

DET Gerard Petillo NYPD

LT David Cambell NYPD

PO Frank Pitone NYPD

FF Joseph Graham E. Newark FD

FF Robert Koeth FDNY

DET Chris Strucker NYPD

LT Thomas Greaney FDNY

DET Angel Creagh NYPD

FF Jef Campion FDNY

PO Perry Villani NYPD

FF George Kuhnel Gloucester City NJ FD

FF Henry Plowman DCFD

Kevin Lynch DMORT

EMS LT Linda Ohlson FDNY

CO Fernando Gonzalez NYC DOC

Op Engineer John Devlin

DET Robert Montanez NYPD

FF Jim Stines FDNY

CAPT Dennis Morales NYPD

LT Christopher Pupo NYPD

DET Alick Herrmann NYPD

PO Denis McLarney NYPD

DET Thomas Weiner NYPD

FF Michael G. Behette FDNY

FF Lawrence J. Sullivan FDNY

FF Michael F Mongelli FDNY

EMT Joseph V Schiumo FDNY

EMTP Ruben I Berros FDNY

EMS LT Rene Davila FDNY

LT Patrick J Sullivan FDNY

EMT Anthony J Ficara FDNY

PO Ronald Becker Jr. NYPD

EMT James Kay FDNY

FF Gary Celentani FDNY

EMT Felix Hernandez FDNY

BC Jerry Hawe FDNY

FF Mike Larosa FDNY

FF Joseph Swewczyk FDNY

FF William H Quick FDNY

EMS DAC John McFarland FDNY

Maureen McMahon Mooney DMAT

FF Phillip McKee DCFD

PO Robert Cedeno NYPD

VOL Mary Benedisuk Civilian NYPD

VOL Randall Gee, Maine

EMT Stuart Ferber Promisedland VFD

SGT Don O’Leary NYPD

PO Anthony Mangiaracina NYPD

FF Luis Fragoso FDNY

LT John Feeley NYPD

DET John Stadelmann NYPD

EMT LT Walter Nelson FDNY

EMS Kerry Aalbue FDNY

PO Karen E. Barnes NYPD

DET Carmen M Figueroa NYPD

PO Richard G Holland NYPD

SGT Michael J McHugh NYPD


John R. Heenan Local 580

CAPT Jim Noonan FDNY

Ronald H Lickman US Crane

Tracey Che Podiatrist

FF Keith Atlas FDNY

EMS CAPT William Olson FDNY

LT Steve B Reisman FDNY

PO Paul W Vatter NCPD

Timothy J Connolly HVAC

Kestutis Nemickus Architect

DET Joseph T Dinan NYPD

PO Christine Ade NYPD

Rayner R Busch Local 3

Christopher S. Jackson Local 731

Dennis M Kozak Local 580

James Willis Local 100

DET Tommy Merriweather NYPD

LT John Halpin FDNY

Louis J Massa Local 79

CAPT Michael N Tufarella Hauppauge VFD

Dallas Topping Volunteer

PO Peter O Rodriguez NYPD

Fire Chief Roger Vitolo Yonkers FD

Kathleen M Fox Salvation Army

Claire A. Cunningham Salvation Army

BC Thomas R Van Doran FDNY

PO Mark Lawler NYPD

Stephanie G Andrews SNC/ADA

Petty Officer Frank Bari U.S Coast Guard Reserve

SGT Patrick P. Murphy NYPD/ESU

LT. William F Dement NYPD

EMS Steve Skipton Bellmawr Park FD

Pat Aielli NYC Department of Education Human Resources Civil Service Division

Geraldine Krasko Port Authority Risk Management Team

Michael Merollo Operating Engineer Local 15

SGT Paul Ferrara NYPD

Marty Cervellione DDC

Theodore Frank DDC

Francis Connors DDC

FF Willie T Franklin FDNY

BC Richard D Arazosa FDNY

Supervising Fire Marshal Emil K Harnischfeger Bureau of Fire Investigation

PO Michael G Flaherty NYPD

DET Bill Hallas NYPD

Jeffrey J Hairie NYS Senior Court Officer

2nd LT William J Foronjy Jr. US Army

Robert Taylor Local 14

LT Michael J Vesci FDNY

FF Dan Heglund FDNY

CAPT Marc Summers NY Waterways

C0 Joseph Rodriquez NYC DOC/ESU

LT Jack Gremse FDNY

FF Robert Leaver FDNY

LT Howard Bischoff FDNY

Supervisor Ralph Marchese NYC DOS

Supervisor George Colucci NYC DOS

Supervisor Frank Feeney NYC DOS

Superintendent Marcellus Clark NYC DOS

SW Andrew Macchio NYC DOS

SW Eloy Pagan Jr NYC DOS

SW Michael Mouton NYC DOS

SW Mark Blaha NYC DOS

SW Alexis Soloman NYC DOS

SW Rosolino Fanara NYC DOS

SW Alphonse Falco NYC DOS

Lorenzo Morelli NYC DOS Support Services (BME)

CO Antonio Clark NYC DOC/ESU

Charles H. Perez Volunteer

CO Jeffery Taylor NYC DOC/ESU

CO Michael Muzio NYC DOC/ESU

CO Antolino Rexach NYC DOC

PO Patrick A Versge PAPD/ESU

SGT Stephen Scalza NYPD

FF Cornell Horne FDNY

DET Richard H Teuten NYPD

Brian G Cambell NYC DOS

DET Louis Fernandez NYPD/ESU

Mitchell Rende HVAC Local 94

FF Ralph W Geidel FDNY

John R Rigley ConEd/Local 1-2 UWUA

EMS LT Tommy Giammarino FDNY

Inspector James Guida NYPD

Erik J Hendrickson Volunteer

SGT Lawrence A Guarnieri PAPD

DET Andrew Apas NYPD

FF Pat Finegan FDNY

FF Gerard Walsh FDNY

PO John Cortazzo PAPD

FF Eugene McCarey FDNY

Brian R Podell NYC DOS

Ronald Cohen NYC DOS/Mayors Task Force

Steve Napolitano General Manager GW Bridge/Fort Lee VFD

PO Shaun Mahoney NYPD

Richard Denino NYC DOS

LT Robert J O’Rourke FDNY

FF Richard Nogan FDNY

CO Larry Adler NYC DOC/ESU

CAPT Scott Stelmok NYPD

Supervisor John C Peters DOT

Supervisor Peter V Bliss Structural Engineer Parsons Brinkerhoff

DET Aslyn Beckles NYPD

PO Otto Espinoza NYPD

CAPT Joseph Maurer FDNY

Deputy Chief Steve Bonano NYPD

Francis Carrozza Longshoreman Local 920

BC John J Cassidy FDNY

LT Theodore “Teddy” Leoutsakos SCOA

Maribel Torres Volunteer

Nicholas D’Errico Sound Engineer NBC News

John Dong Verizon Local 1109

FF Kevin T Murphy FDNY

Glenn Scott Local 197

PTL James Colon Englewood Cliffs PD

Thomas Loback Volunteer

Special Agent Bill Sheldon ATF

Juan X Zrita Construction

CAPT John Graziano FDNY

John “Jack” Fitzpatrick Local 638

Antonio Hernandez IBEW Local 3

FF Robert J Langer Westbury Fire Dept

Kenneth M Walsh Volunteer

DET Joseph E Redican NYPD

NYS Trooper Covel “Chase” Pierce

Alan A Harrington Ironworker Local 40

SGT John Dimarco NYPD

DET Kenneth Lutz NYPD

DET Harry Hill NYPD

PO Robert W Kaminski NYPD

Dennis Moran Electrician Local 3

OJ Ferguson DOT

FF Greg Chevalley FDNY

PO Stuart Fishkin NYPD

LT John Peterson FDNY

PO Allison Palmer NYPD

DET John Marshall NYPD

DET William Titus NYPD

PO Anthony DeJesus NYPD

DET Michael Henry NYPD

CAPT Ronald Peifer NYPD

Joseph Barodin DOT

PO Demetrias Hopkins NYPD

DET David Velez NYPD

SGT Joseph F Tomasello NJ Air National Guard

BC George Eysser FDNY

DM Zacarias Toro US Marshal Service

FF Daniel M Monahan FDNY

CO Michael J Swetokos NYC DOC

LT Michael Maloney NYPD

EMS Richard Fox FDNY

FF Kenneth K Gaudy Nesconset FD

LT Rebecca Buck NYPD

Operating Engineer Robert Sasso Local 15

CAPT John Gallagher FDNY

SGT Edmund Murray NYPD

Vincenzo Castelli Con Edison

LT Charles Noran FDNY

SGT Charles Kuhn NYPD

Michael DeVito Local 79

William P Lewis Buffalo FD

CAPT Thomas Thompson FDNY

DC John P McKee Dept of Public Safety CUNY

PO James A Betso NYPD

LT Roy McLaughlin Yonkers PD

PO Reginald Umpthery NYPD

EMT Kevin C Kelly Bellmore-Merrick EMS (BM-EMS)

SW Thomas Zayas NYC DOS

FF Eugene J McCarey FDNY

FF Joseph T Callahan FDNY

BC Richard E McGuire FDNY

LT Keith M Loughlin FDNY

FF Charles S Szoke FDNY

FF James J Marshall FDNY

DC Inspector James W Mandelkow FDNY


FF Stephen G Schwarz FDNY

DET Edward Goller NCPD

Joseph Fugel NYPD/Volunteer

DET Ronald Richards NYPD/ESU

PO John Cedo NYPD

FF Dennis Heedles FDNY

SGT Gerard T Beyrodt NYPD

FF Brian Ahr FDNY

FF Nicholas Demasi FDNY

Paul Reedy NYC DDC

PO Charles Karen NYPD

LT Marci Simms NYPD

Camillo Fasano Con Edison

SW Fredrick A Meier NYC DOS

Special Agent/Investigator Diane DiGiacomo ASPCA

Steven R Staracia ASPLUNDH

FF Robert Schell FDNY

BC James N Costello FDNY

FF Frank Fontaino FDNY

Edward Norton OHSA

LT Kevin P Nerney FDNY

FF Michael Smith FDNY

FF Thomas Kelly FDNY

EMT Norman Valle FDNY

PO Terrence J Devlin NYPD

PO Waldemar Freyre NCPD

LT John Vierling NYPD

Chad M. Milosevich, Aerospace Engineer


AC Mark J Steiner NYCDOB

FF Joseph Morstatt Sr. FDNY

FF Richard Dellacona Westbury FD

LT Robert G Alford FDNY

FF Thomas Farrell FDNY

PO Thomas Donohue NYPD

NYS Trooper Lawrence W Lakeman

PO Stephen A Ketchum Newtown PD

LT Robert B Mahon FDNY

PO Kenneth W Wolf NYPD

DET Frank M Pinto NYPD

DET Andrew L Siroka NYPD

PO Deborah A Garbutt -Jeff NYPD

NYS Trooper Dave M Skiba

DFC Thomas J Begley Cayuga County

Camillo Fasano Con Edision

FF Robert J McCarthy FDNY

DET John A Russo NYPD

DET James J Albanese NYPD

PO Peter D Ciaccio NYPD

Pietro Puma Local 79

FF Owen Carlock FDNY

DET Michael Glazer NYPD

Allen C Rottino Mason

FF Brian E Urvan FDNY

BC Lawrence Byrnes FDNY

Assistant Chief Michael V Quinn NYPD

Glen Davis Local 3

Charles J LaGreca Tully Construction

Walter S Hill Jr Civilian NYPD

Duane F MacMenamie TWU Local 100

William J Phelan Jr Local 40

David N Longshore NYCOEM


PO Charles Barzydio PAPD/ESU

Sr. Investigator Thomas G Moran Jr NYS Police

Frederick W Muller Verizon

Fire Marshal Gregorio Morales FDNY

FF Richard M Benditt Philadelphia FD

SGT Raymond P McGown NYPD

FF William E Woodlon FDNY

EMT William T Haggerty FDNY

PO Peter Sheridan NYPD

Brian R Buck Local 817

Kevin C Miller Local 580

SW Larry Troy NYC DOS

Carlton Davis DOT

Steven Magistro DOT

Alan Federbush Local 3

FF Elliot Alfaro Bridgeport FD

Alfred Borowski Verizon

Evan Grose Homeland Security

FF Sandra Lesko Willoughby FD

Raymond Sbarra DOT

Daniel Okobi MTA

CAPT Gerald E Mines NYPD

Gary Campbell AT&T

Jose Moreno Con Edison

Kenneth E Young Electrician

SA Steven A Carr FBI

PO Gary Barreira NYS Park Patrol

Patrick McQuillan EMS

SI Salvador Davila NYS AG Police

LT Enzo Brun FDNY

Haskell Askin Forensic Dentist

Frank Whittle Verizon

FM Gwynne MacPherson-Williams Homeland Security

SW Miguel Vera NYC DOS

Gary Marsoobian Verizon

Robert Liggio Verizon

John Armstrong DOT

Jay E Silverstein Long Beach VFD

Joan E Tarricone Red Cross

Joseph Mazzocchi Local 780

PO Anthony Maggiore Yonkers PD

SUPV John Schmittau NYC DOS

Thomas Orefice DOT

Boris D Rozenberg NYPD Computer Analyst

Freddie Wallace-Rakis NYC DOC Civilian

Herman Haynes NYC DOI

CO John Baez NYC DOC

Joseph Lynch DOT

Kevin McQuade DOT

PO Peter Martino NCPD

Roberto Rivera MTA

Steven Zakheim Hatzolah EMS

Thomas H Kelly US Customs

FF Charles M Benson FDNY Photography Forensic Unit

PO Robert Negri NCPD

PO Charles R Gunzelman NYPD

Alberto Machado Laborer

Stephen Vaughan NYC DEP

EMS Harold E McNeil FDNY

James A Getter Army National Guard

SI Patrick P McKenna NY County DA Office

LT Gary J Gates FDNY

FF Mark P Koetzner FDNY

FF John P Morrissey FDNY

LT Patrick H Fitzsimmons FDNY

PO Thomas P Schubert NCPD

FF Jerome P Vorek FDNY

DET Michael K Davis NYPD

SGT Gary L Kamertz TBTA

FF Ronald R Brenneisen FDNY

Steven J McGlone Local 361

Michael E McGlone Local 361

SW Ralph E Oliva Sr NYC DOS

Larry S Relyea Army National Guard

LT Luis A Lopez NYPD

FF Kenneth J Holler FDNY

FF John S Pescatore Boorhees VFD

Colin M Sargent OSHA

Timothy C Marion DOT

DET Peter J Phieffer NYPD

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